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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  February 6, 2013 12:00pm-2:00pm EST

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. welcome to newsroom international i'm suzanne malveaux taking you around the world in 60 minutes. here's what's going on rights now. kind of weird. this is an online video showing new york city in flames, north korean rockets launching and a north korean man sleeping like a baby. the music in the background, we are the world, the video posted by a north korean propaganda web site hits the webs a few weeks after north korea's launch of a satellite. we will talk more about this video. we want to brings you to saudi arabia, a secret american drone base might not be so secret any more. both new york times, washington post disclosing that this base does in fact exist. saying that there are questions about the drone program that's probably going to come up during the confirmation hearings for
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john brennan for cia director. brennan used to run the cia station in saudi arabia. we will be live from pentagon in a minute. and falling from space, wow, pretty cool, at a rate of more than 843 miles per hour, that's how fast dare devil felix baumgartner fell when he jumped from space. the official speed has been released. even faster now than those record keepers thought at first. pretty cool stuff. one of our top stories today at cnn, a secret american drone base somewhere in saudi arabia, now this is according, these are reports from two major newspapers today, saying that this u.s. launches these drone attacks against al qaeda targets from that particular base. i want to bring in two folks here at the pentagon chris lawrence also michael holmes from cnn international. chris, it's not a total surprise that this was there in saudi arabia, but certainly it was not something that they officially
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wanted to reveal. why are they doing it now? >> that's the big question, suzanne, why did this come out? we reported two years ago from our sources u.s. officials were telling us the cia was building an airstrip in the a arabian peninsula. it was hinted it would possibly be in saudi arabia. but we never had any sort of agreement to withhold that. we simply reported it was being built in the arabian peninsula. others entered an agreement with the white house to hold back the exact location. why that is coming out now? that's what we are trying to figure out. it's certainly extremely provocative. you couldn't pick probably a more provocative place in the islamic world to have u.s. strikes originating from saudi arabia. it is for that reason u.s. troops on saudi sale, that was one of osama bin laden's prime
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motivators for his original attacks on the u.s. >> something also provocative is the fact there are reports out that perhaps drones from that very base in saudi arabia, the ones that killed the american citizen in yemen, does that square, is that right? >> reporter: yes. you are talking about anwar al awlaki. it does. there have been sort of parallel strikes in yemen, strikes conducted by the u.s. military, who have been in yemen working on a small basis with yemen's forces and parallel strikes by the cia. this would have been a cia strike. you look at the amount of scrutiny and debate and consternation that is engulfed the administration over the targeted killing of a u.s. citizen, even one who has been reported to be planning strikes on the u.s. you would only compound that by putting the u.s. military in that mix. >> chris, thanks. i want to bring in michael here. first of all, saudi arabia, i
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mean covering president bush, this is something that you knew, you knew you had assets on the ground, but this is not something that the saudis or the u.s. government wanted to officially acknowledge here. how much of this is a problem for both sides including the saudis? >> there's a mutual need for friendship in that part of the world. the saudi's need u.s. help when it comes to equipment. we sell planes, helicopters, train their pilots, there's a security cooperation agreement in place. we need it for the geopolitical factor of having want a footprint in that part of the world. there were u.s. troops based there, 10,000 after the first gulf war, they all came out in 2003. it was one of the main reasons osama bin laden used for anti-u.s. sentiment in the run up to 9-11. but for the saudis they need that help, too. they have al qaeda in north africa, who are worrying them. they have iran, who are worrying them. they have an uncertain iraq, they have what is going on in
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yemen, it works for them to have a cooperation agreement as well. >> we notice the pentagon being tight lipped about the location of where this might exist. would that be potentially another problem for them? >> it is. because you have a conservative base there that still is opposed to u.s. troops being anywhere near saudi sale. this is home of the two holiest sites in islam. to have foreigners in the country based there permanently is not a good thing. this is going to create a bit of embarrassment for the saudis, and those religious groups are not going to be very happy about this. so the saudis, it's kind of one of those things, they need that assistance from the u.s. the military assistance. we need the footprint in the reege sglin it was one of those regions bin laden got so much support, because there was so much outrage, that u.s. soldiers were in such a holy site. >> it will be like we were talking about in africa, where we have drone bases. they are not huge military bases, it's a small place. but it's what they do that
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creates an issue for the conservatives in a place like saudi arabia where they are going to kill muslims in places like yemen. >> thank you. good to see you. one more note from the pentagon right now, we are just getting this release, defense secretary wants to already chop the already approved pay raise for u.s. military members. so this is what it means. leon panetta is just a few days left on the job. a pentagon official telling us one of his final actions is going to be to recommend that congress limit next year's military pay raise to just 1%. now, the already budgeted pay raise, it's 1.7% for 2014. panetta said last night that trying to save billions of dollars is creating the most serious readiness crise this over a decade. congress of course would have to approve any of the military pay limits. in great britain, victory in the fight for same sex marriage. the majority of parliament voted in favor now of a bill that would give religious
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institutions the right to marry same sex couples. >> eyes to the right, 400. the nos to the left, 175. >> relationships are relationships. if you love somebody and are making a commitment, then that's what it is all about. and the gender of the person that you love is irrelevant. >> joining us from london, we know that this vote says there is huge support for this bill, and the prime minister himself supports it as well. he came out and said, i'm a big believer in marriage, it helps people to commit to each other, and i think that's why gay people should be able to get married, too. we know there was a lot of opposition in his own party. why are they -- first of all what's the argument they are making? how likely is it they will lose this case? >> reporter: well, it seems very likely they are going to lose this case. clearly the majority of the house of commons has voted
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against opponents of the bill. it's interesting nearly half of his own conservative party voted against prime minister cameron. basically their objection to this bill is they say they fear this is going to open up the possibility of lawsuits against the church of england or any other religious institution that refuses to marry any same sex couple. what they fear is that if a gay or lesbian couple walks into a mosque, synagogue or church and is told we won't marry you, they can file a lawsuit. the government's response is they have made it clear in the bill, that it's up to the religious institution and that no church, no synagogue or mosque will be forced to marry any same sex couples. >> describe this for us. we have nine states and the district of columbia allow gay marriages, that are legal in those states. how does that compare to the uk? >> reporter: well, what we are looking at here is england and
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wales. scotland is looking to pass its own legislation. there is still a way to go in england and wales. basically what we saw yesterday was the second meeting. it was the first time lawmakers get into the details. it still requires a third reading, house of lords, and then royal approval from the queen. and then it finally becomes law. so we still have a few more months to go. clearly it's a positive sign, when the majority of parliament passes it. on the second reading. >> what about the court of public opinion, are most people in support of it? >> reporter: yes. most of the independent polls have shown a majority of people want to see this legislation approved. this is one reason perhaps that prime minister cameron was willing to risk dividing his own party. it appears he's basically saying he wants to be on the right side of history, even if a lots of members of his party disagree with him. >> thank you. here's more of what we are working on for newsroom international. it's the height of disrespect in the arab world, throwing your shoe at somebody. that's right. this time that somebody is the
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. welcome back to newsroom international we take you around the world in 60 minutes. right now in ireland the government finally admits to playing a role in enslaving thousands of women and girls over seven decades until as recently as 1996, survivors tell harrowing stories how they were stripped of their names, dumped in institutions run by irish catholic nunc. the women and girls were put in so called laund reas, because they were unmarried mothers, orphans regarded as somehow immoral. >> we were slaves. i was a child slave. they changed my name and called me francis, of course the first few days you are not used to being called francis. you got boxed into the head and got rosary beads with a big cross stuck into your ribs or back when you didn't answer to francis. >> survivors are angry, that ireland's prime minister stopped short of issuing a full state
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apology. here in the united states, there is a big announcement from the postal service starting august 5th. letters, other first class mail not going to be delivered on saturday, packages are still going to be delivered, however, change and expected to save the postal service $2 billion a year. agency is waiting on a much bigger cost-cutting plan from congress, however, the postal service lost $16 billion last year. actually could go broke by march. in cairo, egypt, not so warm welcome for iranian president ahmadinejad. i don't know if you can see it there. we will try to make it clear. i think you see the shoe. he's making his first official visit to egypt. this is a group of men in this crowd. they start to throw the shoes at him. this is of course a major insummit. take a look at that. you see that little round thing. you see the shoe in the hand. these men, they were arrested.
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they were released on bail. but it's a pretty big deal. reza, we know this is the worst you can possibly do. there are a lot of examples we have seen in the past. you can't forget the two shoes thrown at president bush. that's when he was at a news conference back in 2008 in iraq. watch that duck there. very fast. people kind of admire that little duck he had going on. five years earlier crowds, they were using their shoes to strike the statue of saddam hussein after it was toppled in baghdad. we might as well take a look at this, this is the austin powers spin on the shoe toss. >> smashing idea, baby. >> look out. >> ow. that really hurt. i will have a lump there, you idiot. who throws a shoe?
12:16 pm
honestly. >> all right. reza, who throws a shoe? you know, it is a serious thing in the middle east. and i remember one of the things when i first arrived in the middle east, i lived in cairo for a while. they teach you, you don't raise your foot, you don't point your shoe at anybody. you don't put your feet up on the counter or the table or anything like that. it is even just to point your feet and raise your feet at somebody very insulting. why? explain this. >> reporter: well, the soles of our shoes are literally dirty. in the muslim world they are symbolically dirty. when you take off your shoe and throw it at somebody, it means you are throwing dirt, filth and whatever else you may have stepped on at someone you probably don't like. and that's what happened to iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad last night in cairo he was visiting a mosque, when somebody launched a shoe at him. private television channel
12:17 pm
captured the incident. it's hard to see exactly what happened. you see president ahmadinejad walking through a crowd, greeting people, shaking hands, all of a sudden you see an arm go up. then the shoe goes flying. it didn't look like the shoe hit ahmadinejad. he did a little bit of a flinch and off he went into his car. and off they went. not exactly a shining moment, suzanne for the iranian president. >> i will never forget 2008 covering president bush when that shoe was hurled at his head. and people really kind of admired the fact that he was able to dodge that thing. the reflexes were pretty amazing. a lot of people talked about that moment. what about ahmadinejad? what's his reaction to this? >> reporter: his reflexes didn't seem as quick as george w. bush. but the reaction is mixed here. we are waiting to see exactly why this happened. the prosecutor says right before this man threw the shoe, he yelled, you killed my brothers,
12:18 pm
you killed my brothers. could have been a reference to the war in syria, of course iran still backs the assad regime. many egyptians despise him. then the prosecutor says these men were ultra conservative branch of sunni islam. rivals in some parts of the region with sunnis, that could have had something to do with it. >> what's the penalty for this possible thing? could they face jail time for the shoe toss? >> reporter: they could. they have been charged with insulting a foreign leader, out on bail all four men. they had to pay $75 each. but a trial is coming up. >> all right. thank you. keep your shoes on. an unexpected story from the front lines of the war in syria. one of the fiercest rebel fighters is a female sniper. the description of her reminding us of a character that angelina jolie played in the spy movie
12:19 pm
salt. this real life killer, there is similarities there. she is wearing high heels, makeup, while taking on government forces. unlike jolie's character, the syrian sniper -- i want to bring in jim clancy to talk about that. we love that movie. >> we like the movie. but this is the real thing. >> this is a real thing. and she is pretty tough woman. >> they have given her a nickname. she is called the female sniper. you could look at her background and everything else. but you know what, this woman represents more than anything else. she is a mother, 36 years old. her 7-year-old son and 10-year-old daughter were killed, when their home was demolished in an aerial bomb strike. she is furious at the regime. she's taken sides with the opposition fighters. she divorced her husband. she left him, first husband because she said he wasn't
12:20 pm
revolutionary enough. the second one said he didn't want her fighting, the second one is a commander. she said i'll leave you, too. so he trained her as a sniper. and she says she hints that she's been involved in four or five kills. she says it takes hours to sit there and do it. it's a bit of a shocking story. it draws a lot of attention. she's famous all over aleppo, this is a university educated woman. it tells you about the anger, the anger that people have. >> this woman talks about enjoying, the enjoyment of actually killing. what does she say? >> well, she says that -- she shouts, yes, when she finally hits someone. and she believes she has hit four or five of them. she says that it makes her angry when she sees the people who have fallen. she has seen 100 bodies in the last month, from bombardments or other snipers on the other side. she talks about how difficult the job is, long hours of waiting, having to dodge. because snipers could be taken out easily by other snipers.
12:21 pm
>> what's her weapon of choice? >> that's a classic sniper rifle. very expensive rifle, very deadly, high powered rifle. and it's a lot to take on, you know. and she's obviously got so much anger inside of her, it's not clear. when this is all over, this is the kind of anger, and this kind of conflicts, it's like bosnia, you don't defuse that anger in a matter of days or weeks. >> is she considered a hero? >> absolutely. everybody is talking about her. she's famous. there will be other young women likely to join the fight as well. just take a look at the reality of the situation. the syrian network for human rights came out saying there is almost 4,000 casualties last month alone. it was the highest number of children killed in the syrian conflict, more than 400 in one month. there are more than 100 people a day. 125 people a day dying inside
12:22 pm
syria. and this kind of anger, what this woman is doing is going to affect all levels of society. it's not only the country that is physically being torn apart, the social fabric of syria is lying in ruins. >> you certainly don't want to glorify killing, she seems to be taking on a persona in and of herself, larger than life inside of syria. >> i just worry, how do you defuse it? how do you say she ate that anger? i don't think you can. >> she is killing. that's how she is doing it. jim, thank you. bizarre north korean propaganda. take a look. this is -- a lot of people think it goes over the line. we are talking about this video. you see it here. it depicts this dream that somebody is having, a dream world, where this american city is essentially left in ruins.
12:23 pm
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12:25 pm
. north korea could conduct a third nuclear test at any time. visiting the dmz, the zone between north and south korea that ended fighting back in
12:26 pm
1953. >> reporter: the snow covered hills, 50 kill meters north of seoul is one of the most heavily fortified borders in the world. this is the dmz, the demilitarized zone. a strip of land 241 kill meters long. and only four kilometers wide. >> you never know what is going to happen. >> reporter: that couldn't be more true following north korea's threat to conduct a third nuclear test any day now. under tight security, u.s. and south korean army officials escort us to the dmz, where in 1953 the korean war was ended. a north korean guard stands at his post. he grabs binoculars when our crew arrives.
12:27 pm
the latest tensions on the korean peninsula date back to december, when the north fired a long range rocket sending a satellite into orbit. in response the un imposed tighter sanctions backed by china. the young leader vowed to conduct another nuclear test targeting its greatest enemy, the united states. despite the threats and fiery rhetoric coming from north korea, experts believe they are serious and ready to go. after the successful rocket test in december -- north korea will emerge more aggressive than ever. >> they will feel more confident, that they have a credible deterrent to keep let's say the americans out. that may lead to more provocative behavior. that may make it more difficult to deal with. >> reporter: the doctor would know, he is one of the prominent
12:28 pm
nuclear experts and inspected north korea's nuclear facilities. pyongyang conducted nuclear tests in 2006 and 2009 at its underground site on the northeastern tip of the country. satellite imagery recently showed activity, and officials believe the third test will also be conducted here. but as the world waits to see whether north korea's nuclear technology has advanced back on the dmz it's business as usual. they spot a north korean soldier in the distance. this was once used for prisoner exchanges, until it was abandoned in the late 1960s. the bridge of no return is a stark reminder two koreas are still technically at war. this estranged relationship will deteriorate once north korea conducts it's third nuclear test. which could happen at any time. cnn, seoul.
12:29 pm
>> so there's an internet video clip, it's going around today. it sounds like bad karaoke but looks like armageddon. watch this. so if you listen closely here, you might just hear what is in the background. it's kind of a cheesy version of we are the world. you might remember that. what the clip is showing, this is manhattan under attack. north korean missiles flying around the world. the video posted by north korean propaganda web site hit the web just a few weeks after north korea successful launch of a satellite. so the original video was pulled from youtube after u.s. video game company complained the north koreans were using scenes from their war game. it's supposed to be a vacation destination, a lot of us folks go there. a gruesome crime rocking acapulco, mexico. we are talking about six women allegedly raped by mass gunmen. we will get the latest.
12:30 pm
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. welcome back to newsroom international we take you around the world in 60 minutes here's what's going on in saudi arabia secret american drone base may not be a secret any longer both the new york times and the washington post disclose that the base exists saying questions about the drone program will probably come up during this week's confirmation hearings for john brennan as cia director. brennan used to run the cia station in saudi arabia. in washington, the white house confirms that president obama is going to visit israel in the spring. during the final presidential debate you might remember it was mitt romney who criticized the president for not going to israel during a trip to the middle east, when he was candidate obama. the president was quick to fire back. >> if we are going to talk about trips that we have taken, when i was a candidate for office, first trip i took was to visit
12:34 pm
our troops. and when i went to israel, as a candidate, i didn't take donors, i didn't attend fundraisers, i went to the holocaust museum to remind myself the nature of evil and why our bond with israel will be unbreakable. >> the president visibly annoyed. the relationship between the president and israeli prime minister netanyahu has been tense at times. the trip to israel will be the president's first visit as commander in chief. in tunisia angry demonstrators facing off with police after a critic of the government was shot and killed. police fired tear gas to break up the protest. the demonstrations broke out after a gunman shot -- his
12:35 pm
supporters and opponents are calling this a political assassination. acapulco, mexico attracting millions of tourists every year. this horrifying crime has put folks on edge. particularly visitors, miguel marquez is in acapulco with some new developments. what do we know? >> reporter: suzanne, this is the beautiful area just south of acapulco, where this crime occurred. this is the house where those victims were. tape surrounds it as well as many police. cnn learned from the lead investigator of this investigation, the victims knew their attackers. he says they bought drugs from him mass gunmen entered the bungalow from the beach around 2:00 a.m. what happened next, horrific. six women in their 20s and their male companions tied up. the women raped, the men helpless to stop it from
12:36 pm
happening. it's a delicate situation, he says, but we will apply the full weight of the law against those responsible. all of the victims tourists from spain. one woman from mexico was left unharmed. some neighbors say they heard music coming from the beach house late that night suggesting there may have been a party with no gate, fence or security, the house easily entered, invaded from the beach. the shocking crime has struck worry and fear in those who know and love this popular vacation destination. >> i'm excited to be here. but at the same time nervous. >> reporter: the attack comes as tens of thousands of teens and 20 something americans, spring breakers descend on acapulco for the annual rite of sun, beaches and parties. the city of acapulco has been an oasis of calm in the mexican state. a place hard hit by drug related violence, the u.s. state department recommends deferring nonessential travel to the
12:37 pm
northwestern and southern portions of the state, and even in acapulco itself, the best advice, exercise caution and stay within tourist areas. >> so miguel, give us a sense about the new information we have on the number of attackers, and whether or not the victims are still there. >> reporter: investigators say there were seven attackers total. they say they know who they are, that they are even watching them at the moment. they expect arrests to be made by the end of the week. they are between 20 and 30 years old, all of them. and all of the spanish tourists are still in the country, presumably assisting investigators and being taken care of. >> do we have a sense of this new information, that you have, about them actually knowing, allegedly knowing these attackers, allegedly buying drugs, whether or not that is changing in any way the way
12:38 pm
people think about what took place? >> reporter: well, look, we have only learned that, investigators are only coming to these details, it's hard to understand how it will change things. we talked to a lot of people in this area, they never heard anything like this before. the attackers came in from the beach. the supposition is of investigators they purchased drugs a day or two days before that. they knew them. they opened the door to it is the problem. not that that takes away from the crime whatsoever. but it's a little nugget of information, when you are in an environment like this, best to be as cautious as possible. >> do people feel safe there, or they are nervous i imagine? >> reporter: there's a lot of nerves, people are watching this. things died off here for years after 2008, 2009, when the drug war really kicked off here. in 2008 there were over 100,000 u.s. spring breakers here, it dropped down precipitously to
12:39 pm
the hundreds, maybe thousands of people, this yearbookings were way up. officials are hoping it stays that way. they want to put these people behind bars, they want to try them. they want to make sure people know this will never happen again. >> miguel, thank you. in china, 200 million folks are heading home for a special holiday, what is being called the biggest annual human migration the world has ever seen.
12:40 pm
12:41 pm
12:42 pm
. in china millions of migrant workers are boarding buses trains, boats, making their way home to celebrate the lunar new year, for many it's their only chance every year to see their families. matthew chancy caught up with some who are traveling outside of beijing. >> reporter: it's hard to describe the sheer scale of this annual migration across china. hundreds of millions of workers
12:43 pm
hauling their bags with them heading home for the lunar new year. the numbers are staggering. chinese officials estimate nearly 3.5 billion journeys will be made over this period. buses, boats, planes, and of course trains, all running flat out to get these people home. i was speaking to someone here, it's interesting, because for millions of chinese people, this is a very rare opportunity for them to go back to homevilleiges. he was telling me hoe has a girlfriend back home, but only sees her once a year. and that time is right now. you must be very happy to be going home? very happy. very happy. only once a year, but it's now. we are aboard one of the trains
12:44 pm
right now heading to the northeast out of beijing. it's 17 carriages long. you can see it's absolutely crammed with people. these are china's migrant workers, who left their families in the country side to work in the city, fuelling decades of economic boom. prosperity for many here has come at a very high personal cost. mr. joe here is in a position, which is similar to millions, hundreds of millions of people just like him. he's left his family in a province in china in the northeast. but he came to beijing, because he gets more money. this is the one opportunity he gets every year to go home. and i'm interested, mr. joe, is your sacrifice worth it? [ speaking chinese ]
12:45 pm
>> reporter: what he is saying, if he didn't take that job in beijing, he simply wouldn't be able to support his family. that's the main reason why so many people around china do what they do. but we've gotten to the end of our journey. hundreds of millions of chinese around the country preparing to celebrate the lunar new year. will also be coming to the end of there's. in a few weeks time, china goes back to work. and this whole huge human annual migration starts over again. matthew chance, cnn, outside beijing. >> it may be the world's oldest get rich quick scheme. talking about the search to make gold. some may have pulled this off. we will explain. [ rosa ] i'm rosa and i quit smoking with chantix.
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in pakistan, about an hour drive from the town where osama bin laden was killed, a $30 million amusement park is going up, this park will include a zoo, water sports, rock climbing, the hope is it will boost the local economy. some officials say the money would be better spent on housing. and felix baumgartner broke the record, record after record when he jumped from space over new mexico. there is another record he fell at a rate of over 840 miles per
12:49 pm
hour. check it out, ten miles faster than they originally thought. the jump made him the first person to break the sound barrier outside a vehicle. cool stuff there. another cool story, centuries, people have been trying to create gold. well, we might be a little closer than we ever imagined. people are trying to make gold from sea water and bacteria, chad. i'm digging, i'm going on vacation. i'm going to the beach. i'm going to find bacteria. you and i will get rich. >> it might be harder than that. >> how does this work? >> for centuries we've known there is gold ions floating in sea water. about 13 parts per trillion in the ocean. that's not very much. but researchers have found a way to take those ions, make them precipitate on to this bacteria, make it come out and just shoot it out as real gold. so if you make -- don't sell your gold stocks just yet.
12:50 pm
i don't think gold is going to 20 bucks. but there's a lot of gold in the ocean. they found a way to get some of those ions into real gold. >> who can do this? are these sophisticated scientists doing this? or could you and i go out and make gold? >> we could make a piece of gold probably smaller than the tip of a pin. they wouldn't give you 50 bucks at the local we buy gold store. we think there is probably more promise in the river water, because it can be 1,000 parts per trillion in the rivers coming down than in the ocean. there's a lot more ocean out there. >> don't go to the beach yet digging for bacteria. >> not just yet. this will be a couple years or more. >> i will wait. thank you, chad. imagine this, you are taking a canoe trip, you are in maui, and this is what happened. yep. you got to see this video. more of that after the break.
12:51 pm
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in pakistan journalists are threatened daily, it is one of the deadliest countries for journalists, we take you inside with one prominent reporter about the threats he faces and the friends he has lost. >> reporter: as one of the youngest bureau chiefs in pakistan's largest and most dangerous provinces, maleke
12:54 pm
akbar's future looked bright. having access to influential politicians and tribal leaders, malik made a name in pakistan's journalism community. >> i always wanted to become a journalist, in the childhood i had a dream to become a journalist. i started my career at a time when the conflict in pakistan was at a peak. >> reporter: like many other journalists, akbar quickly learned that reporting daily on bomb blasts and assassinations could bring dire consequences. >> when you report here, there are a number of stake holders, everyone tries to influence you as a reporter. when i started my career, i was very ambitious, very young, and i did not know how bad things could get. at least ten of my journalist friends have been killed either by the government or by the rebels, by the nationalists, by underground groups. >> reporter: it didn't take long
12:55 pm
for akbar to realize his reporting also made him a target, and he soon began to fear for his life. >> it was personal threats. you would get phone calls outside of the local press club, and you would be told time and again, that you were being fol owed. i was caught by the intelligence twice, and they asked me to report on their support. when i refused to do that, they threatened me, they said they would kill me, if i did not follow their line of reporting. >> reporter: ranked among the deadliest places for journalists, pakistan -- according to the committee to protect journalists, led to the death of nine media workers in 2012. that's down from 11 the year before. >> it's not as if 2012 was a better year for journalists in pakistan, it was only because problems escalated in countries like syria. but in pakistan, circumstances
12:56 pm
were equally terrible for journalists. >> reporter: in the first two weeks of 2013, three journalists were killed in a bomb blast in the city. at this pace it could shape up to the deadliest year yet for media workers in pakistan. they are left with few choices, self censorship, death, or permanently flee as akbar did when he was granted asylum in 2011. >> i was lucky among many journalists, who managed to get a fellowship. but a lot of my friends have been killed since i have been in the united states in the last three years. so all of these things combined motivated me. i think journalism is just like boxing, you have to fight every day to get your word out. >> well, he went from the thrown of england to the bottom of a
12:57 pm
parking lot. we are digging deeper on an incredible archeological find. yes! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against these digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria. live the regular life. phillips'. whoa! you really feel all 335 foot-pounds of torque. it's chevy truck month! silverado was also recognized for the lowest cost of ownership. hey, what are you gonna do with it? end table. oh. [ male announcer ] it's chevy truck month. now get 0% financing for 60 months, plus trade up to get $1,750 total allowance on a silverado all-star edition. or trade up and choose customer cash plus option package discount for a total value of $7,250.
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1:00 pm
supermarket which explains why his famous last words were my kingdom for a hot pocket. how did the scientists know that this was the hunch back king and not some poor 15th century brit whether or not i know starved to death waiting for a grocery store parking space? >> that's awesome. you can learn more about it, an amazing discovery on all right. so comedian chris rock, singer tony bennett and a gun wielding actress are in d.c. to fight gun violence. neither snow nor rang nor heat will keep the postal service from delivering mail. they have changes to delivery service. while the government is talking military spending cuts, the military is expected to extend benefits to same sex partners. is this actually going to be
1:01 pm
panetta's legacy. welcome to cnn newsroom i'm suzanne malveaux. i want to get right to it. starting august 5th, first class mail will no longer be delivered on saturday. you still get your packages. the u.s. postal service announced this change this morning saying it will save $2 billion a year. but the agency's financial problems really go a lot deeper. the postal service lost $16 billion last year. could go broke next month. today, the postmaster general urged congress to come up with a way to save more, cut more. >> a typical large organization would have either cash on hand or quick borrowing ability, two months worth of cash to cover their operating costs. in october, at one point this year, the postal service had less than four days of cash on hand. that's a very scary situation. and it is no situation that a business should be in. >> so most folks agree with the decision to actually cut service for saturday, in a poll last year, 63% said it was a smart
1:02 pm
way to save money here. athena jones is joining us from washington. and you know, i mean a lot of people look at this and say there is a lot of waste already, that a company, a private business would have gone out of business a long time ago. >> reporter: exactly. that's what the postal service is arguing. they believe that current language and current legislation will allow them to do this. the big question is whether that is the case. they said up until now they need congressional approval to make these changes. because it's a quasi independent service. but it requires some help from the government. so the congress passed a law in 2006, that required the postal service to prefund health care benefits for future retirees, this is the kind of requirement most companies don't have to deal with. as a result they lost all of this money. they had defaulted on a total of $11 billion in loans to the u.s. treasury last year. they exhausted a line of credit from the u.s. treasury. and so they are really in bad shape. they believe this will help them
1:03 pm
get back on track. but of course, congress so far has yet to acts, even though people from both parties and both sides of the aisle have been working on this. let's listen to what congressman house speaker john boehner had to say about this. >> i understand where the postal commission is coming from. they are in charge with running the post office. but yet, the congress in its wisdom has tied their hands every which way in order for them to actually run the post office in a revenue neutral way. and so congress needs to act. there is no question about that. and i hope we will act soon. >> reporter: that's the question. how soon will they act? again, this is a question that came up numerous times during the press conference and in our interview afterwards, which is to say if they don't need congress's approval to make this change, why didn't they make it sooner? it seems to be an effort on the postal service's part to force action in congress, make sure that they can come to a resolution, that they have been
1:04 pm
working on, but hopefully come to resolution in the next few weeks before the current budget resolution expires. >> athena, the postal union, what role do they play in all of this? >> reporter: well, they are not happy about this. of course, this is going to affect postal workers, we know package delivery will continue on saturday. they say that post offices, that are open on saturdays will continue to be open. but still, this is going to ultimately affect members of the union. they say this is going to weaken the mail system further. they have already had a series of cuts. they closed post offices in places. they cut hours. they have raised stamp prices. all of this trying to cut costs. the postal workers union says this will worsen the entire system and push them closer to privatization, which is not what they want to see. they want to see congress act. suzanne. >> athena, thanks. a lot of people weighing in on this about whether or not you get saturday mail delivery. you have this from nicky, who says the usps is discontinuing mail service on saturday, i'll
1:05 pm
have to throw my junk mail out monday through friday. this from joseph, usps not delivering on saturday starting in august, hopefully this saves them from closing. and ashley says usps cutting saturday delivery starting august, two days you don't have to walk to the mail box. check out this cartoon. this is from the pittsburgh tribune review. it's editorial cartoonist randy bish, it says u.s. first class forever, except saturdays. thank you, randy. and the gun fight goes to hollywood today, and hollywood actually taking it to washington. you have celebrities including chris rock, singer tony bennett joining other advocates essentially for tighter gun control. they are calling on congress to act. they are affiliated with a web site called demand a plan. it's a group behind this psa. check it out. >> as an american. >> as a human being. >> for the children of santy
1:06 pm
hook. >> demand a plan. >> no more lists of names. >> this web site is calling for some of the same proposals, that are backed by the president, including a ban on assault weapons. i want to bring in joe johns here, you were at the news conference, this is a big draw when there are celebrities in town, people pay more attention. what did chris rock and all of the others have to say about it? why are they into this? >> reporter: it was quite an all star cast. but not for a hollywood movie this time. chris rock, tony bennett, you mentioned, amanda pete at the u.s. capitol headed up by the group started by new york mayor michael bloomberg known as mayors against illegal guns. listen to this. >> i still haven't gotten over connecticut. let the assault weapons go to
1:07 pm
war, not in our own country. i'd like assault weapons eliminated. >> i'm just here to support the president of the united states. the president of the united states is our boss. but he's also, you know, the president and the first lady are kind of like the mom and the dad of the country. when your dad says something, you listen. and when you don't, it usually bites you in the ass later on. >> okay. colorful language there. that's all right. he's not a politician. that's okay. >> you see a lot of stars at the capitol, as you know. it was surprising to see that many people in one place. it shows you the draw of michael bloomberg and his group. >> chris rock says something like that. a lot of people, they take pictures, they get autographs, where does this go? are people listening? are they -- is anybody moved by what they are saying today?
1:08 pm
>> reporter: the point of these things is to use star power of the artist to put pressure on congress, in this case to pass new gun laws, at the same time it's increasing visibility of the organization. now, what they are looking for is, among other things, improving background checks on gun purchases, passing the recent proposal to make gun trafficking a crime. also promoting those other proposals to get high capacity magazines off the streets and ban semiautomatic firearms. all of that goes into this package. as you said, the big question is, is it going to move any votes on capitol hill? a lot of times maybe not. >> joe, what was the reaction when people saw chris rock and others walking through, tony bennett walking through the capital grounds today? >> reporter: people were a little jaded. at least i am, when i see these folks. you know they are there for an issue. the question is how well do they know the issue. some of them seem pretty familiar with it.
1:09 pm
anna devere smith seemed very engaged and had a lot of information there. i talked to mark glaze, director of mayors against illegal guns, he said they basically want to show, there's a broad coalition that cuts across all demographics. and by the way, it wasn't just movie stars at this news conference, they had a children's trauma surgeon, episcopal priest. and the son of marlth inluther ki king, whose farther had been killed with a gun. >> anna devere smith will talk with us later this hour. we will get her take on how things went. the little boy who was kidnapped and held captive in an underground bunker now has a reason to celebrate. that's right. it's his birthday today, he turns six. folks in his hometown city are just happy he's safe. and they have signed this happy birthday card for him, a pretty
1:10 pm
big card there. the principal at ethan's elementary school tells us more than 1200 cards have come in for him, this is across the country. and the town, ethan's town they plan to hold a birthday party to show they are happy he survived, that he's around and doing okay. people are raising money online to send he and his family to disneyworld. investigators say they found two bombs planted inside of the bunker where fbi agents rescued ethan from the kidnapper jimmy lee dykes, the boy ethan was reunited with his mom at the hospital. that happened yesterday. he's now back home. the boy scouts are now delaying their vote on ending a ban on gay members. we will hear from both sides. and then actress ashley judd considering a run for the senate. she's under attack by a conservative super pac. and beyonce getting slammed by the animal rights organization,
1:11 pm
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[ male announcer ] engine light on? come to meineke now for a free code scan read and you'll money. my choice. my meineke. . in saudi arabia a secret american drone base no longer a secret.
1:14 pm
the washington post disclosed this base exists, saying that questions about the drone program are probably going to come up during this week's confirmation hearings for john brennan as cia director. brennan used to actually run the cia station in saudi arabia. the boy scout motto is to be prepared. it turns out the group was not prepared to decide the issue of allowing gay scouts and troop leaders. the vote was expected today. but now the boy scouts of america says it needs more time to get more input, so that vote is going to take place now in may. today the group texas values held a scouting rally against lifting the ban. the boy scouts are getting pressure from all sides including religious leaders, who oppose any change. >> it is about intolerance toward a private group, who holds to biblical moralities. which does reveal righteousness and unrighteousness, it's about a systemic attempt to hurt, to change a private organization, that holds to certain beliefs. that's what this is about.
1:15 pm
it is about discrimination and intolerance toward those who hold a biblical morality. and it's a sad day, when we, they, cannot express their beliefs and hold to them. >> i want to continue the conversation with james dale, he was expelled from the boy scouts for being gay. and dan simon, who is in salt lake city at the so called ground zero when opponents are gathered for lifting the ban. james, i want to start off with you, talk about your experience. and what do you think of today's decision now, that they are delaying the decision? do you think that's a good thing, that they will take some time, some thought in this, and what they do next? >> it is certainly disappointing the scouts didn't end the toxic policy of discriminating against gay children. i hope in the three months they are taking they do it the right way and top down end the ban. because it will not go away. >> what do you hope comes out of this delay, if you will? do you hope that more voices will be a part of this debate?
1:16 pm
do you think it means there are more people thinking this is an issue of discrimination, we should really open this up and allow gay members as well? >> yeah. i think the president of the united states was loud and clear on sunday, super bowl sunday, speaking against the boy scouts' brand of discrimination as honorary chief scout executive, i think his opinion and point of view should be well heard. i think that the members have spoken, 21% of the boy scouts' membership has left the organization since the boy scouts victory in the united states supreme court. i think they need to make themselves relevant. and the only way to be relevant today is about not discriminating. and that's a top down policy. when they said that they had to overturn new jersey's law on discrimination in my case, that was a top down decision. in this case if you want to end the ban, it starts at the top, you can't kick the can down the road and allow individual troops to decide and have individuals struggle with a decision if i come out as gay, they will kick
1:17 pm
me out. no child should face that discrimination. >> james, it might be a surprise to you, when i was a girl, i was part of a local troop, troop 610 in columbia, maryland. it was part of an experiment to see if girls could become eagle scouts. i know you became an eagle skoult. this is something that happened and one of the best experiences to be part of all of this. why do you suppose that local chapters of the scouts like mine had no problem with having girls join the scout troop, and yet, there are some boy scouts, troops, that don't allow gays? >> unfortunately, i think the boy scouts of america have been co-opted by the right wing, and people with very small minds, and are living in the 1950s, the values of the boy scouts have to remain true. but they should be relevant to today's times. and that is what we have seen over the past 13 years. we have seen people walking away from the boy scouts, people leaving them in droves, sponsors, members, adult volunteers. i would hope the boy scouts over the next three months make
1:18 pm
themselves relevant and be welcoming to young children and not exclude young children. hopefully they can take a page from the girl scouts who don't discriminate. >> girl scouts don't discriminate and with the troop in columbia, they allowed us to participate as well. thank you. i want to bring in dan simon to talk about whether or not we think this is an issue of discrimination or morality. you talked to folks there who think this is a morality issue and not discrimination. >> reporter: hi, suzanne, we are at the boy scout headquarters here in salt lake city. it's important to point out that scouting is very important to this community. there are more boy scouts in this area than any other part of the united states. and they are very pleased by this decision. they thought things were moving too fast here. the bottom line is that they view this issue through the prism of the mormon church. and the church views same sex relationships, of course, as sin full. i did speak to a father, also a boy scout leader, and i asked him a very pointed question
1:19 pm
about those who would argue that they are on the wrong side of history as relates to this debate. take a look. >> it has nothing to do with gay rights. this issue is not a gay rights issue. it's a gender attraction issue. and it's also a politics issue. as a local scouts leader, i don't need to worry about gay rights, that shouldn't be my role. it shouldn't be what i do. and to push that decision upon me is not the best way to go. >> reporter: folks like him say that if you allow gays to serve in the boy scouts, that it will literally destroy scouting. that's their position on this. they also believe that you could see a significant number of boys leave the scouts at the urging of their parents, of course. and you might see religious groups like the mormon church end their backing of boy scouts. so that's why they feel so strongly about this debate, why passions run so deeply, that really they see this through the eyes of the mormon church, suzanne.
1:20 pm
>> all right, dan. this debate will continue for at least months to come before they make a decision. thank you very much. james dale as well for weighing in on all of this. and another story, a price to be paid for coming clean, after years of playing dirty. how lance armstrong could face a criminal lawsuit for lying. , but there's a growing pain in his lower back. as lines grow longer, his pain continues to linger. but after a long day of helping others, he gets some helpful advice. just two aleve have the strength to keep back pain away all day. today, jason chose aleve. just two pills for all day pain relief. try aleve d for strong, all day long sinus and headache relief.
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1:23 pm
could soon be pay up time for lance armstrong, armstrong admitted he was doping, when he won seven tour de france cycling championships, the sports insurance company that paid him millions of dollars in bonus money for his wins may file a suit as early as today. the price tag $12 million. >> we made our demand for the return of the money we paid him for winning the tour de france races, where the titles were stripped. mr. armstrong and his legal team have not complied with that demand, and have publicly said he will not return prize money. so we are left with little choice but to institute legal proceedings, which my client plans on doing. >> i want to bring in a sports editor for the nation magazine joining us from washington. david, what do you think, the insurance company, they have a real case, do they have a shot
1:24 pm
at winning? >> absolutely they have a case and shot at winning. they are not alone. it's not just the insurance company, it's the u.s. postal service, it's a local sponsor in dallas, you are talking about lance armstrong, who has a reputed $100 million fortune and different companies are lining up to figure out how much of that they can get back. the idea that lance armstrong, who was once the platinum gold standard for an athlete endorsing your product is now someone who they can make the case retroactively, actually tarnitious the brand of their product. so this is the thing that a lot of us were asking when armstrong went public with oprah winfrey, it's in a way, it was putting a big neon sign on his back saying come and get me. >> they are coming to get him. he might not even be off the hook for criminal charges. right? that's a possibility. right? >> yes. this news is absolutely burning up the sports world right now. the news that lance armstrong might be facing years in federal prison, not for doping, not for trafficking steroids or anything like that. but for obstruction of justice,
1:25 pm
for the whole -- what has been called euphemistically bullying, as in preventing people from testifying, trying to get them not to testify against him. this was another thing that was said when he went on tv with oprah, he was cagey with oprah, only admitting any sort of drug use before 2005. and for a lot of us, we said okay, 2005. but for legal observers, it was okay, he is saying 2005 because of the statute of limitations, which just ran out. so he can't be prosecuted for trafficking. so they can't get him for that. what they are saying, what about if he even talked to one witness who testified under oath to the united states anti-doping agency, which is a federal agency. so you are swearing under oaths to tell the truth. and if he is telling them to perjure themselves in that context, they can go after him. once again going on oprah, it's like he is daring federal authorities to do that. that is why you have a controversy in the attorney general's offices in the united
1:26 pm
states. because the california ag, they said they wouldn't prosecute lance armstrong. the federal government is now looking into that. and one person said they don't speak for the federal government. >> you are all over that. we will follow that and see if there are criminal charges that happen and how this plays out. david, thank you very much. and we are also following the story that people are still talking about. this is when the power went out during the super bowl. it came as a shock. right? to a lot of us that were watching, but not to other folks. months before sunday's blackout, the private electricity company that serves the superdome and upgraded its network, but a newly released memo written in october says even after the upgrade, the company was concerned about the reliability of service from the connection point at the dome. comedian chris rock, singer tony bennett and gun wielding actress have something in common. they are in d.c. demanding to
1:27 pm
fight gun violence. joining us is actress anna deavere smith, we'll talk about why they are there. concerned about the reliability why they are there. all right that's a fifth-floor problem... ok. not in my house! ha ha ha! ha ha ha! no no no! not today! ha ha ha! ha ha ha! jimmy how happy are folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico? happier than dikembe mutumbo blocking a shot. get happy. get geico.
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fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
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. we have two choices, either we will arm school officials and transform walls of learning into fortresses. or we are going to keep our classrooms places that are full of openness, imagination and joy. and safety. we can do the latter option, if we have the will to act. congress must now act on a sensible plan to keep assault weapons out of our neighborhoods, out of our schools, and guns out of the hands of dangerous and compromised people. >> that was actress playwright anna deavere smith. one of the celebrities speaking out in favor of tougher gun control, they joined with elected officials and gun control supporters to call on
1:31 pm
congress to act. anna deavere smith joins us now. you were part of this. tell us why is this important to you? >> it's very important to me. because i think that the three things that mayors against illegal guns are calling for seem to be doable. one is to fight for background checks. the other is to get automatic weapons off the streets. the third is to make gun trafficking illegal. and i think -- or at least a federal crime. i think that what we have had in front of us in the last seven months is a tragedy that all kinds of citizens are speaking out about. i was invited to come to washington to be a part of it, i'm proud to be here and proud to be doing that. >> it's an eclectic group. chris rock who joined you, and there are critics that say look, look at lethal weapon 4, a lot of people in hollywood make their money off of promoting in some ways and glorifying gun
1:32 pm
violence. that's not a responsible portrayal of gun use or even calling for gun control. what do you make of that? those who say, you know what, maybe there is hypocrisy in here to have folks from hollywood coming in talking about gun control. >> folks from hollywood means a lot of different kinds of folks. i have never been involved in a violent movie or television show. i played the national security advisor on the west wing. i can only imagine she'd be beside herself with what is going on. some people say these same movies play in britten and they don't have the gun violence we have on the streets. as you know, they are the massacres we are paying attention to. 33 people are murdered on the streets of the united states every day. that's pretty astonishing. one of the guests this morning was martin luther king iii, who reminded us that martin luther king represented nonviolence, what would that moment in american history have been like
1:33 pm
if we didn't have a cultural and faith call and a strong call for nonviolence as a way to settle differences, in a very bloody time in american history. i think this is a cultural moment that calls for all kinds of people, and some of us work in hollywood but we work other places and represent other ideas as well. >> anna, you noted you play the national security advisor on the west wing, but do you think there is a responsibility for people who are in hollywood, actors, if they take a political position and say look, you know, we believe that there should be stricter gun rights, that they should not be a part of portraying the glor if i cy of guns in the work they do. >> i think there is an opportunity to make a difference. i feel there are plenty of actors who given that opportunity would make the choice to take this moment, particularly this moment to stand up for other kinds of
1:34 pm
representations. but i won't speak for other actors. >> anna deavere smith, good to see you. i understand tony bennett will be on the situation room. wolf blitzer will talk to him as well. thanks again. beyonce getting slammed by peta why the animal rights organization has a problem with her super bowl outfit. get ready for a lot more of that new-plane smell. we're building the youngest, most modern fleet among the largest us airlines to ensure that you are more comfortable and connected than ever. we are becoming a new american.
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1:37 pm
. i can't imagine this happening. you are in a canoe in hawaii. and this is what they called a love tap, check it out. by a baby hump back whale hits the front of the canoe. they were just yards from the coast of maui, when the whale nudged in front of the boat there. it startled them. but they were able to capture the moments there. you see it. a huge splash it made. apparently no injuries. good for them. actress ashley judd not sure if
1:38 pm
she will plan to run for political office. but there is a super pac has her in its cross hairs with this ad. >> i think he is a brilliant man he is able to flower as the president i knew he could be. >> judd is speculated about a possible run for 2014 for the senate seat now held by minority leader mitch mcconnell of kentucky. of course the actress was a prominent participant at the dnc in charlotte, north carolina. not so warm a welcome for iranian president ahmadinejad. so here is what you are looking at here. he is making his first official visit to egypt, there is a group of men who end up throwing shoes at him. you can see it, it's highlighted in a little circle, if we can get that. it's a major insult in the
1:39 pm
muslim world, these men accused the iranian president of meddling in egyptian politics. they were arrested for throwing the shoes and released on bail. in pakistan about an hour drive from the town where osama bin laden was killed. a 30 immediately amusement park is now going up. officials say the park will include a zoo, water sports, rock climbing, the hope is it will boost the economy. but some officials say money would be better spent on housing. and leon panetta making a major policy change, that expands gay rights. he is also pulling back a military pay raise. house republicans are meeting this hour to address spending cuts, their focus, try to push back those automatic cuts to the defense department. 2 i'm a conservative investor.
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1:42 pm
. monopoly fans, check this out. your voices have been heard voting online for your favorite tokens, the iron got the least votes, has been officially bumped now from the game. sadly the iron -- it was a board piece since 1935. it is being replaced by this, look at that cute little cat. the cattle make its debut later this year. the company wanted to update the game with a token that was more representative of today's monopoly players. all you cat lovers out there. in case you are wondering, the dog got the most votes. chris brown heads back to court today. he is facing accusations that he lied about finishing the
1:43 pm
community service assigned to him. that was after the 2009 beating of rihanna. our show biz correspondent nischelle turner has been looking into this. i guess there is now prosecutor in la involved in all of this? >> reporter: absolutely. the da is accusing him of not completing his community service. prosecutesors we should say are not asking to send him to jail. what they want him to do is restart his 180 days worth of community service. the court actually gave him a unique deal for this probation, they allowed him to complete community service in virginia under the personal supervision of richmond police chief brian norwood. instead the district attorney says brown was supervised by his mother. and the records that he submitted to prove the work was done were quote, and this is coming from the da, at best sloppy documentation, at worst fraudulent reporting. the motion also accuses brown of violating his probation by getting into a fight with r & b singer frank ocean at a hollywood recording studio last
1:44 pm
month. plus it notes some of the incidents which have become public like when he allegedly snatched a fan's cell phone in miami and threw a claire at a good morning america appearance. suzanne, remember, it was four years ago this friday, that brown punched rihanna inside a rented lamborghini in hollywood after she reportedly found a text message from another woman. we also did contact his attorney. he has very strong words on the flip side as well. his attorney had this to say. i'm quoting him. he said quote, apparently the district attorney's office has completely lost their minds. they are making scurrilous libel us statements. when you read those words from both parties, it could be interesting court appearances when they are scheduled to get underway. >> what was he supposed to do? what was the community service? i remember it was virginia. what was he supposed to be doing? >> reporter: we saw a number of
1:45 pm
things. actually one of the things he was supposed to do was pick up trash on the highway. there was video of that. he did do some of that. some of the other things he was reportedly supposed to do was clean floors in a community center, volunteer at shelters, those type of things. he said he did those things. but then the prosecutors in the motion filed said no, when he said he was at the community center cleaning floors, he actually was on a plane to cancun, and he posted these pictures on his blog, and one of the cleaning companies in richmond, virginia, said they actually cleaned the floors. so it is certain things like that. they say some of the hours he posted saying that he did all of this community service don't add up, the math doesn't add up. so there's a lot of instances in there. they also said that he was reporting to mark geragos and giving him the information, that was not supposed to be done as well. we will have to see how this plays out. there are definitely
1:46 pm
discrepancies. >> give us the update, when you know when it all gets sorted out. thanks again. well, we are already asked them for so much. now leon panetta is asking troops to make another sacrifice, a smaller pay raise. that are 62 and older about a great way to live a better retirement. it's called a reverse mortgage. [ male announcer ] call right now to receive your free dvd and booklet with no obligation. it answers questions like how a reverse mortgage works, how much you qualify for, the ways to receive your money, and more. plus, when you call now, you'll get this magnifier with l.e.d. light absolutely free. when you call the experts at one reverse mortgage today, you'll learn the benefits of a government-insured reverse mortgage. it will eliminate your monthly mortgage payments and give you tax-free cash from the equity in your home. and here's the best part -- you still own your home. take control of your retirement today.
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♪ ♪
1:48 pm
. president obama is going to announce his nomination for the new secretary of interior, senior administration official tells cnn he is going to nominate the ceo of the outdoor equipment company rei, we will
1:49 pm
bring that announcement to you live when it happens. also, right now we understand they are speaking on capitol hill, these are house republicans, they have one thing on their plate here at least for today, that is cutting the spending, especially pentagon spending, they are trying to avoid the deep military cuts that automatically are going to trigger in about three weeks. defense chief leon panetta is now painting a gloomy worst case scenario, if that happens. >> make no mistake, if these cuts happen, there will be a serious disruption in defense programs and a sharp decline in our military readiness. we have already begun an all out effort to plan for how to operate under such a scenario. but it's also very clear, that there are no good options. >> i want to bring in barbara starr at the pentagon. what is he talking about when he says no good options? what do they look like? >> reporter: suzanne, no good
1:50 pm
option says anywhere in the military. let's run through a couple of them. they are talking about furloughs for 800,000 civilians working for the defense department in the army,army, cutting back on training, readiness of combat brigades, cutting back on operations for the navy, as they try and operate around the world and in the air force, reducing all critical flying hours for pilots. so the bottom line, less readiness across the board, suzanne. >> we understand military pay raise limit what does that mean for folks in the military? >> what we have learned today is that secretary panetta is going to recommend a 1% pay raise for next year. but that is less than it is supposed to be by all accounts. according to the way they calculate these things, it should have been at least 1.7% we're told, that's what the pay rate was this year. that's about $130 a year difference for some junior
1:51 pm
enlisted personnel, people are really facing a tough time, they have families to support, they need all the pay they can get. if this all goes into effect, they'll see less in their paycheck, suzanne. >> barbara starr, thank you. this is something we have not seen before in past years. take a look at this. this is a few gay and lesbian couples attending a formal uniformed social function. where is this? this is important. this is at the u.s. military academy at west point, a couple of days ago. a west point alumni group put out the photos of the yearly annual winter weekend and the caption, the caption with the pictures it reads, this, ladies and gentlemen, is progress at an academy that we can be proud. things got a lot worse when this woman dissed the judge.
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liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? in just a few minutes, president obama is expected to announce his nomination for the new secretary of interior. see the room there. senior administration official telling cnn he'll nominate the ceo of the outdoor equipment company rei sally jewell. jewell would replace ken salazar who announced he would not serve another term. had a chance to speak with ken salazar during the inauguration weekend about what he plans to do next. >> not used to seeing you in this attire. obviously you are more relaxed,
1:55 pm
ready to move on to the next big thing. you told me you want to take care of your family, right? >> i have a chapter in my life ahead of me, taking care of my family and i intend to do that. we'll see what the future brings. it is truly, for me, life is a joyful journey and my joyful journey continues. >> good for him. everybody is talking about this still, even the late night comedians, talking about the skeleton remains of king richard iii found beneath a parking lot in england. he died some 500 years ago. here is how stephen colbert describes it all. >> that's right. king richard iii has been found underneath the parking lot of a supermarket. which explains why his famous last words were, my kingdom for a hot pocket. how did the scientists know that this was the hunchback king and not some poor 15th century britain who starved to death waiting for a grocery store
1:56 pm
parking space? well, researchers observed a distinct spinal curvature that was richard iii's most pronounced physical feature. that settles it, because once you decompose, it is impossible for straight bones to rearrange into any other shape. isn't that right, richard? >> to learn more about the amazing discovery, go to check this out as well. online video showing new york city in flames. this is kind of weird, actually. north korea rockets are launching, you got north korean man sleeping like a baby in the background. the music we are the world. what is all of this? this is a video that was posted by a north korean propaganda website, hit the web just a few weeks after north korea's launch of a satellite.
1:57 pm
so just we're going to talk more about this bizarre video coming up as well. but pretty strange, pretty strange. and, of course, note to self, watch this, never use obscene gestures, foul language when standing before a judge in court. you think that would be apparent, right? this woman in florida forgot that rule, and well, she went after the judge. jeanne moos shows what she got her. >> reporter: do not, repeat, do not try this in court. [ bleep ]. >> going back again. >> reporter: 18-year-old penelope soto didn't just flip the judge the bird right off the bat, she built up to it. charged with possession of zahn nac xanax, she and the judge got off to a rocky start at this bail hearing. >> i own a lot of jewelry all right. >> how much would you say your jewelry is worth? it is not a joke you know?
1:58 pm
we're not in a club now. >> reporter: soon it started to sound like a scene out of "my cousin vinnie". >> you on drugs? >> no. i don't take drugs. >> have you had any kind of drugs in the last 24 hours? >> actually, no. >> reporter: and soto had no prior arrests so the judge set bail at $5,000. >> bye-bye. >> adios. >> reporter: but adios was a little too sassy. >> come back, ma'am. come back. >> reporter: the judge upped the bail. >> count one will be $10,000. >> are you serious? >> i am serious. adios. >> reporter: so soto flipped the bird. [ bleep ]. >> come back again. >> reporter: and the judge flipped. >> what's up? >> i believe i heard you saying to -- >> yes, i did. i'm not going to deny it. >> did you say [ bleep ] me? >> actually -- >> did you say that? >> yes, sir, i did. >> you did say that.
1:59 pm
i find you in criminal contempt. >> reporter: the punishment is on the harsh side, but still normal. >> she was way outside those rules. and she had to live with the consequences. >> reporter: soto's public defender had no comment. penelope soto wasn't the first defendant to let her fingers, i don't mean this finger, do the talking. >> i respect -- >> reporter: at her sentencing in 2010, actress lindsay lohan's eyes may have cried tears, but her middle fingernail cried fu. who knows if it was directed at the court or the press. the judge's spokesperson said it didn't warrant a reaction. >> i'm holding you in contempt of court. >> [ bleep ] surprise. >> what did you say? >> reporter: just don't say -- >> adios. >> reporter: jeanne moos, cnn -- >> adios. >> reporter: -- new york. >> unbelievable. falling from space at a rate of more than 843 miles per


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